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Library Facts


The Maya Angelou Library was founded by Nellie M. Neal (October 19, 1928 - October 9, 2010), artist, and children's advocate and a member of Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church. It is organized as an outreach ministry of Evergreen to help meet the literacy needs of the community in Oakland, California. It is named in honor of Dr. Maya Angelou (April 4,1928 - May 28, 2014), celebrated novelist, educator and civil rights activist, and a early benefactor to this library by making a personal performance In Oakland to raise funds for this endeavor.


The Maya Angelou Library is a  general full service library in a clean, comfortable inviting environment. Our goal is to be a supplement to our children's educational experiences, and an enhancement to life experiences of adults. Through various internal programs such as reading literacy, story telling, book clubs, and GED preparedness, and Saturday School, we intend to enhance and improve literacy rates of both children and adults in the our community.


The library also features historical and current visual displays of interest. Our catalog of books includes books and material in the ten broad categories of the Dewey System. We also have special sections set aside for African American Fiction, African American Diaspora Nonfiction, and Religion.


The Maya Angelou Library is poised to become a valuable community asset and resource. The library's community outreach and its lasting impact on the lives of its patrons will be a fitting tribute and memorial to Dr. Maya Angelou.




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