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Library Mission 


To provide a literary enviro- ment for Oakland children and adults: to train and learn; to enrich and open minds to a world of endless possibilities; to help individuals along their journey to success by providing resources for reading and technology: to be a change agent that will make a difference in the intellectual and spiritual lives of children and adults!




All Ages -- All Grades

Elementary thru High School


Suspended until further notice


Open to children of Evergreen BC members and family

Interactive Reading Books
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Children preschool through third grade will love  these series of Speakaboos sing along/read along interactive  books. Just click the above green button to enjoy a treasure of fantasy stories.

Recommended Reading

by Tamara Shiloh

Tamera Book #2.jpg

LITERACY FACT: If a child is not proficient in reading by the end on third grade they will most likely not like to read or not want to read.

The Maya Angelou literacy program benefits children ages 6 to18 years old, and adults 18 yeas old and up


Help children to reach their

acedemic achievement level by your contribution.

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